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Increasing cross border trade presents an international trader with many challenges. A corporate having a currency exposure due to imports / exports, apart from effectively managing his currency risk is also concerned about reducing the interest costs linked to the same. Especially in certain sectors, where the margins are wafer thin, the additional avenue for an importer / exporter would be to reduce costs so as to improve his bottom line.

Buyers Credit

We arrange buyers credit from all leading banks at very competitive rates. We have an excellent working arrangement with many reputed global banks and Indian Banks with overseas branches which gives us the flexibility to arrange discounting of Letters of Credit to our clients at LIBOR related competitive rates. CAFx also provides rollover and extension of L/C's upto a maximum of 3 years for Capital Goods.

Suppliers Credit

We are offering supplier's credit services to our clients, as per their requirement. Supplier credit is an offer of credit that is extended to a importer by a exporter or supplier. This model is often used in a number of settings, including the importing or exporting business, as well as in supplying goods and services to businesses of all sizes. Credit of this type allows the importer to receive the products needed now, paying for them later in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon with the exporter.

Other Major Services

Local L/C bill Discounting
Export Bill Discounting
Working Capital

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